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Lori Beth’s FSDW Workshop Summary

Hello fellow FSDW participants,

The workshop has been an incredible experience for me.  Not only have I received feedback on my work, but I’ve also had the chance to meet some amazing people who are doing important work in a variety of fields, disciplines, and geographical areas.  
I also had a great experience with my peer review group. Alma, Dara, Linda, and Katie:  you guys rock.  (Special thanks to Katie for being our group leader!)  The feedback you all provided me on my manuscript is going to help me craft a compelling dissertation chapter and article.  I hope that we have many more exchanges of ideas and materials over the coming year.  
Another thing I learned from the workshop is how important an online space like HASTAC can be for facilitating a dynamic workshop like this.  I can’t thank HASTAC or Fiona Barnett enough for their help and support in making the workshop possible.
Finally, this was my first year to create and organize the workshop, and I feel confident that I can use my experience and all of your feedback to make next year’s workshop even better.  
Thank you all—for everything.
Lori Beth 

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