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Questions Thread for FSDW

Hello workshop participants,

Please feel free to post questions about the workshop to this thread.  You can do this by using the add comment feature.  We will respond to your questions as quickly as possible.


Lori Beth 



Hi Lori,

Just found out I'm a group leader and am working to set up a process for us.

I had one question about the feedback. In addition to the person-to-person comments/feedback, are you hoping that each group will also talk collectively about each piece of writing? 



Hi Katie,

That's really up to the group!  We can provide individual feedback on manuscripts, but also chat collectively about ideas, scholarship, projects, etc. What you might do is poll our group to see what everyone wants/needs.  You can also create a Google doc, HASTAC blog post, etc. that we can all read and respond to.  :)

Thank you for being our group leader!

Lori Beth