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Advice on Digital Badges, Anyone?

Hi folks,

I'm thinking of using digital badges (via Purdue University's Passport badge and portfolio platform) for my spring introductory writing classes at Washington State University.  I've read blog entries by Sheryl Grant and Angela Elkordy (among many others) on digital badges and ways they can be used, but am still anxious about successfully incorporating them into my spring classes, especially with limited prep time.

At the moment, I'm not totally sure as to how I might use badges, but I'm envisioning them as something students could earn for submitting drafts, writing blog posts, tweeting, or learning course-based technologies. 

My questions, then, are this:  Have any of you used badges in your classes (writing courses or otherwise) and if so, what have been your experiences?  What were the biggest challenges you faced and how did you overcome them? What advice would you give to a newbie like me who is looking to use digital badges?

Thank you everyone for your help and guidance!  

~Lori Beth 

P.S.'  Is anyone interested in having a live Twitter chat on digital badges?  If so, please let me know and I'll try to set something up!



Hi Ruby and Sunny,

Thank you both for your follow-up messages.  For some reason I thought I had posted this question to the Badges for Lifelong Learning group, but apparently not!

Sunny, I checked out the MoPad resource you shared, but I unfortunately missed the meeting as we're three hours behind you on the west coast.  I hope to make it next time, though.


Hi, Lori Beth. I've taken the liberty of adding your post to the Badges for Lifelong Learning group so that it will come to the attention of others working in this area.


Lori Beth,

Great to hear you'll be exploring digital badges within your classroom at Washington State through Purdue passport. We'd love to hear your thoughts on how it goes. There are several members in the badges community that have used badges successfully in their higher ed courses including David Wiley and Alex Halavais. Might also be worth posting the question on our Open Badges google group:!forum/openbadges

We have our weekly Wednesday community call today at 12 pm ET in case you might be able to join. All relevant information including dial in info, date, time and agenda can be found here:

Hope you can join us!



Next community call information can be found here:

Hope you can join us!


Hi Lori Beth!

Excited to hear another grad student is joining the badges party :)

Thought I would recommend some futher reading/blogs by my advisor, Dan Hickey, about badges. (He tries to be good about following up on comments, so feel free to ask questions on the posts too)

This one has some critical questions to think about as you design your badges:

Related to the first one, but a little less direct:

Then finally a disscussion about digital badges in higher ed:

Also if you search for or tweet with the hashtag #openbadges you will find the twiiter convo about digital badges :)


Hi Andi,

Thank you for the warm welcome to the "badges party!"  I've actually been reading Dr. Hickey's blog for a few weeks now. I like how he breaks down the different ways badges can be used: for assessing, refining, theorizing, etc. This is useful in helping me articulate student learning outcomes and assessment criteria. 

I'm sure you've seen it, but Jessica Klein has a neat video on embedded assessment and badges. Here's the link in case you're interested.

In the meantime, if you run across any other resources/blogs/twitter feeds, etc. that deal with digital badges, please feel free to pass them along.