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How can I use my member profile?

Use Member Profile

Create an Account

If you haven’t created your account on, we recommend you visit to create one. Welcome to the HASTAC Community! 

Filling out your HASTAC Member profile

Filling out your member profile is great way to start exploring the HASTAC community. You can enter your information while creating a new account and moreover, you can also enter or edit after creating an account. With that said, a few fields of information are required at the time of account creation, and these will be indicated by an asterisk(*).

All member profile information field are described below, and please let us know at if you have any questions.

Account Information     


Set your preferred username. This field is required, as you will use this username to sign in and access your HASTAC account in the future. 

Email Address

Set your primary email address. All emails from the system will be sent to this address. The email address is not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password or certain news/notifications by email. This field is required.

Alternate Email Address

Set an alternate email address. It will be needed in the case of you loose your access to your primary email address. Please consider filling out this second field - it can help with account recovery or password resetting, should you lose access to an institutional or personal email in the future.


User information

Display Name

Set your preferred display name. This field is required as, this name will be displayed throughout  HASTAC website.


Set your current position, i.e your professional, academic or organizational position or Title. Examples include: Student, Professor, Director, Researcher, etc.

Institution, Organization, or Employer

Set your current Institution, Organization, or Employer name.

Brief Bio

Tell the HASTAC community little bit about yourself, your interest, your area of work, research, arts etc. This field is required, as the HASTAC Community would love to get to know you!


We have six available options for subscription to our HASTAC community and those are:

  1. HASTAC newsletter,
  2. FutureEd Updates,
  3. Competition announcements,
  4. Local events and information,
  5. Updates pertinent to my groups, and
  6. Volunteer for future user testing.

You can also select multiple subscriptions! 


Social media and web

Twitter Handler

Set your Twitter ID. We'll add the @ symbol for you; no need to add it yourself!


Enter your personal or professional website address and/or institutional profile. 


Topics of Interest

We have multiple topics available for you to choose your area of interest. You can select multiple topics, as well.


Questions? Please contact us at



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