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Changing Email Information for a HASTAC User Account

Changing Email Information for a HASTAC User Account

How can I change my old email address to a new email address?

If you don’t have access to your HASTAC account using an old email address, we can certainly change your old email address to a new email address. To do so, we need one email sent from your old email address to -- please make sure this message includes your new contact information. After receiving this message, a HASTAC Admin will change your email address. Our team will then send a confirmation email to your new email address.

 What if I do not have access to my old email address?

Don’t worry! You can still change your old email address. Our HASTAC Team will always make an effort to give people access to their old HASTAC accounts in order to update, rather than duplicate, community memberships. This must, however, be balanced against our promise to provide the best user security and privacy we're able to provide.

To change your email address information without access to your former account, you will need a verification of identity in association with your prior account.

In order to access your account in this scenario, please send:

An email sent directly from the new email account you wish to add to your profile. Do not use our support form or any other contact mailer you may have seen for HASTAC. Simply send a new email directly to and add the words "confirming email" in the subject and/or the body.

AND include one (1) of the following:  

1. Using the forwarding feature of your email client, please send us an email addressed to your old email account. To access one of these messages, we suggest you look in your personal email archive for an old email / a message you may have forwarded to yourself for safe keeping, one where where your personal account or new work address were Cc'ed, or a PDF, EML or image file that may be archived on your personal/work computer.


2. Please *send an image / copy of personally identifying / verifying information* proving third-party knowledge of you "in real life." A mobile phone snapshot is fine, as are scans or copies. For questions about what documents our team accepts as verifying information, please contact

As before, please send all information to at




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