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HASTAC 2015 : Virtual Schedule

Panels that were live streamed are now available on the HASTAC youtube channel at 

There will be a live stream of one session during each time slot of HASTAC 2015. Find the live stream here:

The virtual schedule is below. Click on the session title to find out more. Please be aware that this schedule is subject to change as needed. See @hastac2015 and #hastac2015 for updates and to follow the conversation on Twitter.

Thursday, May 28

9:00-10:00am - Connecting the Dots | video

10:20-11:35am - Transforming the Dissertation | video

1:05-2:05pm - Networks in the Humanities | video

2:15-3:30pm - Gathering STEAM: Games and Learning | video

3:45-5:15pm - Reimagining Scholarly Publishing | video

6:00-7:00 - Whithervanes: a neurotic, early worrying system THR_33 (Tea House for Robots) | video

Friday, May 29

9:00-10:15am - Provocations, Rhetoric, Visualization | video

10:30-11:45am - Scaling Up: Media Analysis and Transmedia Experience | video

1:15-2:30pm - Doing Digital Liberal Arts: Projects and Pedagogies on Student-Centered Campuses | video

2:45-4:00pm - The Material Turn and the Digital Archive | video

4:15-5:30pm - Across Two (Imperial) Cultures: A Ballad of Digital Humanities and the Global South | video

This schedule was created based on technical needs. For example, sessions with a speaker skyping-in were not included.


This post was originally authored by Kristen Mapes on May 27, 2015 and migrated to the HASTAC site on July 30, 2018.

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