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HASTAC 2015 : Plenary Speakers Announced!

We are pleased to announce our plenary speakers for the HASTAC 2015 Conference. Our speakers will present on a variety of topics that highlight this year’s theme: The Art and Science of Digital Humanities.


Keynote speakers Cezanne Charles and John Marshall of rootoftwo will give a presentation on their project, Whithervanes, a Neurotic Early Warning System (NEWS). This installation consists a network of sculptures that respond to fear production on the internet.


Plenary speaker Roopika Risam is an assistant professor at Salem State University. She will discuss how digital humanities already exist within a matrix of East, West, arts, and science and identify the stakes for making these connections legible in scholarly practice.


Scott B. Weingart, Digital Humanities Specialist at Carnegie Mellon University, will give a plenary talk that explores how communities like HASTAC are symptoms and instigators of a turn away from the Hierarchy of Sciences. Weingart’s talk will untangle the thread of these turns over the last thousand years, and place them in our present context.


To find out more information, visit our Keynote Speakers page.


This post was originally authored by Marcus Fields on April 2, 2015 and migrated to the HASTAC site on July 30, 2018.

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