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HASTAC 2015 : Pre and Post Conference Events

Keep an eye out for the up to date schedule here.

Here is an overview of what is going on around HASTAC 2015:

Wednesday, May 27, 1-5pm – HASTAC Scholars Unconference

Thursday, May 28 – Friday, May 29 – HASTAC 2015 Conference

Saturday, May 30 – HTRC Workshop (half-day)

Saturday, May 30 – Sunday, May 31 – Software Carpentry Workshop

Saturday, May 30 – Sunday, May 31 – Data Carpentry Workshop

We are working on the schedule this week and will release a more detailed time-block schedule by the first week of March.


This post was originally authored by Kristen Mapes on February 23, 2015 and migrated to the HASTAC site on July 30, 2018.

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