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Digital Scholarly Communication: Conference Proceedings from HASTAC 2011

Digital Scholarly Communication: Conference Proceedings from HASTAC 2011

HASTAC 2011 : Digital Scholarly Communication

December 1-3, 2011

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA


The conference was held on December 1-3 at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Many of our events were hosted in the North Quadrangle, a new center for technology-driven programs at UM, including Communication Studies, the Department of Screen Arts and Cultures, and the School of Information. The “North Quad” offers living-learning dorms, classrooms, interactive meeting areas, and other innovative spaces for education.

This year’s theme, Digital Scholarly Communication, has focused on the promise and challenge of new forms of academic publication and dissemination.

The conference has featured many international initiatives such as the Law in Slavery and Freedom project. It has also explored issues of cultural change among digital natives and digital immigrants, innovation in graduate education, and pressing questions surrounding notions of access, circulation, and representation. In other words, this year’s conference has examined many of the broadest and most urgent issues affecting scholarly communication and its moral, social, legal, conceptual, and international scope.

The HASTAC Team has coordinated with the HASTAC 2011 Organizing Committee to archive all conference materials here.

HASTAC 2011 Conference Archive


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