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HASTAC 2008: Kickoff Event featuring Pogo-phonic

Kickoff Event featuring Pogo-phonic


Pogo-Phonic SignPOGO-PHONIC | Gil Kuno featuring The Vurtego Pogo Team

Pogo-phonic is the rethinking of the pogo stick as an instrument in sound composition. The pogo stick triggers sound samples such that the pogo-ers also become the complicit composers of audio composition. Pogo sticks and pogo-ers courtesy of Vurtego Inc., makers of pneumatic pogo sticks.


Vurtego Inc., makers of pneumatic pogo sticks. [Pogo-phonic at UCLA]Pogo-phonic at UCLA



Department of Design | Media Arts, University of California,Los Angeles

Through careful social conditioning, the mind is guided to think within certain patterns. Gil Kuno tries to redirect the flow of the mind outside of the set patterns we are taught by society to construct. Most of his works displace natural activity from its context, revealing an otherwise hidden level of metaphorical absurdity within the ordinary patterns present before our eyes. Much of his work revolves around the experience of sound. Gil Kuno is based in Tokyo and Los Angeles.

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