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HASTAC 2008: Curtis Wong's Keynote

Keynote: Curtis Wong, Microsoft "From Beethoven to Betelgeuse, 20 Years in the Quest for the Holy Grail of Interactive Storytelling"

Curtis Wong, Microsoft, "From Beethoven to Betelgeuse, 20 years in the quest for the Holy Grail of Interactive Storytelling"BIO: Curtis Wong is manager of the Microsoft Next MediaResearch Group, whose focus "spans the linear and interactive media spectrum from television, broadband, and gaming to emerging media forms." The author of more than 20 patents pending in such areas as interactive television, media browsing, visualization, design, and mobile computing, Wong was previously Director of Intel Productions. At Intel, he was responsible for creating next generation content such as the Virtual Van Gogh Museum Tour;, one of the first Web-based,broadband art exhibition networks. Wong has also served as the General Manager and Executive Producer of Corbis Productions and as an interactive-documentary producer for the Criterion Collection. Wong's work in interactive media has won many design and industry awards, including New York Film Festival Gold Medals,the ID Magazine Annual Design Award of Excellence, and Communication Arts Interactive award of Excellence. His collaboration with WGBH Interactive on the broadband-enhanced documentary CommandingHeights-The Battle for the World Economy, won a 2002 Academy Award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and was nominated for the first Interactive TV Emmy.

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TALK: Curtis Wong discussed the development of interactive narrative and education tools over the past two decades, exploring how the improvement in digital interfaces affected the development of these tools. He also presented the recently released WorldWide Telescope, an interactive map of outer space.


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