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Building Storyworlds

Hey HASTACers!

The Fall quarter has officially started at UCLA. Excited to finish post production my latest film, Sweet, Sweet Country and start prepping for the my thesis film.  I’ve been wondering how to bring social practice into the my thesis film and what that would mean for the story.  While researching I was reminded of Lance Weiler’s work.  I found out he's teaching a course this Fall. 

The course is at Columbia University and called Building Storyworlds.  I’m excited to be collaborating in the course, which means, video chatting and doing the assignments, etc.  The first class was inspiring so say the least. I’ve been following Lance’s work for a few years. His ability to create experiences and build substantive storyworlds that go beyond passive viewing is something I’m actively hoping to create with my thesis film.  

I really like that the course is treated like a laboratory.  It’s not about just sitting and listening, rather brainstorming - rapid prototyping, actively dialoguing and collaborating, finding deeper relationships.

Here are a few projects that Lance referenced in the first course (includes a few of his own).

A Machine To See With
Bear 71


You can follow along with the course via the Building Storyworlds Tumblr

Really looking forward to putting the knowlege to practice in the next few months.


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