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#FSDW14 Wrap Up

I had a wonderful week in the FSDW! I participated in two capacities: in my workshopping group, and as a member of the digital archiving committee. My workshopping group was positive, accessible, and knowledgeable. We created a google plus group and posted our work, as well as comments and articles that others may find helpful. We met on google chat to discuss all of our projects, and I felt I received great feedback and exactly what I needed to move that project forward!

On the digital archiving front, I have been scraping tweets and collecting them on Storify and on Scraper Wiki. You can find the Storify page here:

and the ScraperWiki summary page here:

I'm sure as the weeks go on, we'll post more from the workshop for you to view!

Thanks so much for this opportunity! 

All best,

Dawn Opel







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