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Higher Ed from Scratch: Terra University, A FutureEd Collaborative Thought Experiment


Our motto and driving vision:

We believe in an education system that is personalized-not standardized, comprehensive but not a check-list, and exploratory not mandatory. 


Dear HASTAC Community,

The Higher Ed from Scratch team of Brenda Burmeister, Jade E. Davis, David Dulceany, and Leslie Niiro are proud to present our final project for ISIS 640/691 History and Future of Higher Education at Duke University led by Professor Cathy N. Davidson. 

This #FutureEd Collaborative thought experiment is our response to the challenge to create an institution of higher education from scratch, to think together to imagine what might be our image of an ideal institution. We dreamed of an institution with no requirements, no majors or minors, no grades, an intentional community of learners and mentors, space and freedom for exploration and an interdisciplinary approach to higher education that blurred the divide between practical and theoretical, vocational and academic, work and study. Terra is the result of these dreams and aspirations. 

Please visit our website and explore Terra. We welcome and appreciate your questions, comments, thoughts, and feedback:



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