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dawn m. armfield introduction to fsdw

Hi all,

I've just finished my first year as an assistant professor at Frostburg State University. I teach technical and business communications, with a hopes of teaching visual rhetoric/document design in the near future. I'm a member of the university's Women's Studies Group steering committee, as well as a member of the President's Advisory Council Against Gender-Based Violence, in addition to being an active member of the university's Social Media Group. So, social media and women's issues are my mainstay outside of teaching. My main research interests are in the intersections between alphabetic and graphic communications in online spaces, as well as non-dominant online collaborative learning environments.

I can be found on:

I'm currently working on a rhetorical analysis of the ways women's  selfies are co-opted by others and converted into online memes that often lead to shaming and bullying. It is a piece I've been collecting data for, and want to prepare for submission to a journal (I'm not sure which one yet -- I'd like to get a good draft before fine tuning it for the particular journal). The type of feedback I'm looking for is to make sure the ideas are strong, that the writing is developed well enough for journal submission, and any other information readers would like to share.

I'm looking forward to working in this workshop.



that piece sounds awesome - can't wait to see wht you write!


welcome to #FSDW14 :)


Welcome to the workshop, Dawn!

Your work on selfies and bullying is fascinating. I wonder if any of these open-acces online feminist journals could make a good home for your article?


Lori Beth


Thank you, Lori Beth. That's a great resource!

Thanks, Harlan. We'll see how it goes. :-)