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Dani Spinosa's Intro

Hello! I'm Dani Spinosa, and I am a PhD candidate in English at York University in Toronto. My primary research interests are in postanarchism, feminist poetry, and experimental literature.

The piece of writing that I am looking for feedback on is actually my blog-form dissertation, in which I work through the issues of a postanarchist reading of the author and the reader in a number of different contemporary North American poets. The project is called [generic pronoun] creates: Anarchism, Authorship, Experiment and you can access  it here.

I am hoping to finish and defend this beast by early next calendar year, so I am looking forward to your feedback! 

You can follow the blog through your email address, your Wordpress account, or on Twitter @GenericPronoun.

Looking forward to a productive and thoughtful week of discussion.

xoxo d


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Welcome to FSDW 2014, Dani!

Your blog-form dissertation sounds fantastic. Have you checked out the digital dissertations group on HASTAC? Might be a cool place to exchange materials and ideas! 

Lori Beth