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New Posts from UCLA Students Studying Neuroscience

Hello, HASTAC community:

You might notice several blog entries in the next week from undergraduate students at UCLA. They are posting for a class assignment, which is to write a blog entry related to their research for the course. The course is GE 73CW-4: Wired Minds: What the Internet Is (or Isn’t Doing to Our Minds), a seminar that is part of a multidisciplinary general education cluster that examines the history, science, and philosophy of the brain. In the seminar, students investigate scientific studies that explore the impact of digital technologies on the human brain, and critically appraise popular discourse about the brain and Internet use. In their research, the students in this seminar examined topics that included video game addiction and violence, internet addiction, learning and memory, social media, and meditation & mindfulness.

More information about the seminar can be found on the course website:

We hope you enjoy reading the posts!

Danielle Salomon

Teaching and Learning Services Librarian, UCLA



Hello and thank you for the introduction, Danielle. We welcome use of in classes, and encourage you to create a group here on the site so that all the students' posts can be collected in oneplace, and the particpants can be automatically notified of new entries and comments.

I have posted a guide to using groups at and would be glad to help you with the process on Monday if you have any questions.


Whether you decide on private posts just for your Group, as Ruby outlines, or public ones, it's great to have you part of the network.   If you decide to go private, I hope you'll communicate at least some of your thoughts to the rest of us, all 12,000 or so network members now.   We ALL learn from one another.   Have a great summer, a great course, and welcome to   Best, Cathy Davidson


Thank you, Cathy and Ruby, for the warm welcome! We are excited to be a part of the community. As this is the final class assignment, I will leave my instructions to the class to post as is, but I will definitely take you up on the group option next time! Thank you so much, Danielle