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Hi, Everyone!

Sorry for my late introduction! I'm a PhD student in Art History at Temple University, and I specialize in late medieval and Renaissance architectural patronage and urbanism in Venice. My research focuses specifically on women's patronage of charitable institutions in the city. Due to my broad interest in charity, I'm currently working on a project to map these organizations in early modern Venice and to create an interactive system that will allow me to visualize them according to patronage (gender and nationality) and function. Additionally, I'm very interested in how to incorporate digital technologies into my teaching and how undergraduates can benefit from these tools when learning architectural history.

My first experience with DH was as an undergraduate at Rollins College, when I took a course on Pompeii that was part of the Pausanias Digital Heritage Project. Last summer, I participated in Visualizing Venice workshop in Venice, so I'm very excited about the opportunity to continue working with these tools and hope to incorporate them into my dissertation as well.

I look forward to interesting and productive discussions!

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