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What We should be Writing about

To answer the question of what I think we should be writing about, I think we should be writing about Black History along with Jamaican History.

I think we should learn about the history that made Jamaica an independent country. I also think we should touch on Jamaica’s music history, like how reggae became a possible staple to the Jamaican people. And as for Black History and the Black Lives Matters Movement, I think it would be beneficial to learn about the reason it is a big thing now and how different viewpoints can compare and contrast themselves. As most black families probably do, they have always made it know to their children, and their children’s childrens, that black people are looked at as an outcast to white people mostly. I think it would help to learn about both sides of this argument fully so we can get a better grasp about what’s really going on in America today. This would definitely help us be able to take our parent’s knowledge and be able to apply them the right way in the right situation. I think it would be beneficial to learn the Jamaican aspect, for me, so I can relate a little more to my Parents and my family’s culture. Learning about Black History and the Black Lives Matter movement can benefit everyone in their lifestyle and can give them a better perspective of what black people go through and have been going through for years now.


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