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Fact Check Essay

Fact Check Essay

Dale Henry


Christina Katopodis


English Composition 


17, November 2020


   As for the presidential election, a lot of issues were explained and talked about when both candidates were trying to convince the whole country that they should be the next president. What became noticeable is that Donald Trump started to use weird tactics to try and convince people that he was the right candidate for the job. He did things like insult Joe Biden and his family about their finances when the news clearly states the fact that Donald Trump, considering his taxes situation, should be bankrupt himself. That’s just one of many of the questionable things he did during the election.


  The most questionable things I found when Donald Trump was pleading his case was that he had said, as New York Times website states, he had the COVID19 vaccine in the works to show medical progress. He had also said that he was now “immune” to the disease. The problem with this is that the vaccine is still a questionable thing to most people. Some people don’t trust it considering they the news outlets and other social medias have revealed that flu vaccines may have the sickness in the vaccine. That type of thing could be even more dangerous when talking about a COVID19 vaccine. 


  Trump had said this during the debate also, “I’ve been congratulated by the heads of many countries on what we’ve been able to do.” The questionable thing about this statement is that he wasn’t specific, which probably would’ve possibly given him something positive in the debate. Biden rebutted Trump’s statement when saying that Trump has done “virtually nothing” about the corona virus and hasn’t even said anything about how he’s gonna control it. Biden has also been promoting wearing the protective masks and taking the tests to check for the virus, when it seemed Trump hadn’t even done close to the same. Biden had the upper hand when refuting against Trump when he mentioned he did nothing to actually start off the year’s corona disease with a plan to stop it or at least control it’s spreading. 


Things like these statements make the country think about the greater good for the future, or at least what they want out of the presidency. While fact checking this, it became very clear that Donald Trump’s statements and actions either made no sense or came off as untrue. Joe Biden seemed to show some decency on matters that affect the country as a whole and basically said negative things that Donald Trump has done during his presidency which have already been hitting the news on tv for the last couple years. Overall, fact checking this presidential debate was basically easy considering Trump has shown and proven that most of the things he says on camera only end up incriminating him in the long run, while Biden promised things that he couldn’t, decency.


 As for Biden, based off of what he said during the debate, “He (Trump) has caused the deficit with China to go up, not down.” It’s apparent that he wasn’t exactly right on that. After 2017, the trade deficit with China fell right after 2018. At the beginning of 2020, according to the US Census Bureau, we saw a $130bn deficit in goods and services with China. That’s a couple billion less than the first half of last year. Biden also had said, “I have never said I oppose tracking.” This seems a little untrue considering that on his campaign site says “the democrats would protect America’s natural treasures by banning new oil and gas permitting on public public lands and waters.” But it says nothing about being totally against tracking. 


In retrospect, both candidates had holes in some of their arguments against each other. What do you think of these two candidates?


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