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Oh, Santa Anita Hills where the morning's mountain air flows with a constant stream. The breeze would awaken anyone in its path. The shutters of the windows would now be flapping and banging on the side of her home.

It was the wee hours of the morning and young Todd Swanson EMS Paramedic would soon be working the graveyard shift waiting for another accident to occure. 

While listening to the weather reports, which had begun saying the rainfall was going to get worst. The roads were very treacherous and slippery. Flash Flood Warnings were announced for the Santa Anita Hills residents.

The sunrise would not take place for the weather conditions would instead bring an intense, thick fog. As they drove by a blue four-door sedan, had its red blinkers flashing. He stepped out of her emergency vehicle to see what could be done. As he checked to see if there were any passengers in the car, he saw no one. There was nothing to do. He went back to his room and didn’t even think twice.

As nurse practitioner Johanna looked out her bedroom window early that same morning, she could see that the rumbling of the clouds had brought a dense, intense fog which covered Santa Anita Hills.

She knew that the narrow roads of Santa Anita Hills would be treacherous to drive on this morning. The weatherman had predicted heavy rainfalls which would leave about 8 to 24 inches of rain.

Now, it seems like there would also be a “Flash Flood Warnings”. She turned on the radio and heard the song “It Never Rains in California”, which made sense to her for it was too real in these parts of the hills.

As she was singing to this song, she thought to herself about how many careless drivers there would be on the roads on that day, which made it extremely dangerous to be on. Especially, the one she would be driving on today.

It was now time for her to buckle up and be extra careful in not getting herself into a car accident on the winding roads of Santa Anita Hills. Not only was it raining for her first day as a Nursing Home at Seniors Golden Nursing Home, but she had also heard the news that some roads had been wiped out by a mudslide.

She was now at the end of the song when she remembered the gossip about the dangers of the roads, which she and Todd and EMS Paramedic had been warned about at College.

No one wanted to work in the wee hours of the morning, but poor Johanna and Todd both had to graduate from General South Community College.

She saw that the rainfall was intensifying, so she reached for her bedroom phone. What she did not expect was for Senior Nurse Rhonda Suarez to pick up the phone and answer in an intimidating voice. As she listened on the other end, she could hear Nurse Suarez yelling at her patients.

Then Hello...Who is this?

It’s me Johanna Rogers New Nurse Practitioner. She then proceeded to tell the Head Nurse that she would be late due to the rain.

Nurse Suarez replied...That would be just fine.

Which got her thinking about all the yelling in the backgrounds.

What had made her so bitter toward others all these years at the Senior Home?

Johanna hung up the phone.

She quickly shies away from saying., She was not coming in today.  Instead, She said ...I might be late today due to the heavy rainfall.

Nurse Suarez took a deep breath of relief and told her that would be just fine. Better late than never and then she hung up the phone in a rude way.

Which got her to thinking why would anyone put in so many years at the same Nursing Home to develop such a bad attitude toward others.

The friends that had studied with her at General South Community College had some gossip going about a young Nursing Student that had been kidnaped and murdered along the same road she would be traveling today. They said it all happened when she stopped to help someone on an along the road. That is where they found her.

As she drove through the treacherous rain pours, she notices a blue four-door sedan whose red blinkers were on. The rainfall was making it hard for her to see. She drove by and got closer to see what could be done. Her first reaction was just to keep going, but she knew that as a nursing practitioner, she had to stop and give this person first aid.

Today she would have to be extra careful in not getting herself into a driving accident along these winding roads of Santa Anita Hills.

Not only was it raining for her first day as a Nursing Home Practitioner at Seniors Golden Nursing Home. She also heard the News that some roads had been wiped out by the mudslide.

Her good friend Mr. Todd Swanson, an EMS Paramedic, had warned her about this. No one wanted to work in the wee hours of the morning, but she had to put in the time to graduate. She was focused on graduating as soon as possible to earn a more decent wage for amenities and extras.

As she saw that the rainfall was intensifying, she reached for her bedroom phone to call in and tell them she would not be there this morning. On the other end of the phone was Senior Nurse Rhonda Suarez; she had an intimidating voice when she picked up and answered the Nursing Station phone.

Hello...Who is this?

Johanna hung up the phone without saying a word.

She then quickly made a U-turn and headed back to the accident scene. As she approached the vehicle, she could see it was evident something was terribly wrong.

The dog's barks in the far distance made it too eerie to listen to. Neglecting her safety, Johanna grabbed her flashlight from the back of her car and said a little prayer before heading toward the wooded area. She slowly brought up her flashlight to get a better look; it was her good friend Todd who now had something to hide.

She dropped her flashlight and began to run toward the back of her car. He grabbed her from behind and said...”There’s room for one more!” Johanna screamed in terror had been heard for she was only a few feet away from “Senior Golden Nursing Home.”

Nurse Suarez heard her pleas for help and came running out with a Shot Gun in hand.

She yelled at Todd to let her go. He did as he was told.

When Johanna ran and fell in front of Nurse Suarez feet, she then pointed the Shot Gun and said: “There room for one more!” Blast!!

No one ever heard anything again about the nurse. This young nurse had everything going for her. She had good friends with the same similar interest as she did. A vigil was held in her remembrance at General South Community College

Nurse Suarez gave her eulogy and began talking about how much she would be missed. Rumor had it that she had stopped to help a Motorist that had an accident and was never seen again. No one knows if it was her body that was found on the side of the road for it had been badly torched as well.

There were rumors back at General South Community College, which says that whenever they found a body along the side of the road, it would be that of a Nurse.

It seems like Todd Swanson the young EMS Workers was always the first one on the Crime Scene. Nothing had changed thru out all these years of whom could be murdering all these young nurses. Todd Swanson graduated with honors.

As the Newspaper Report said...Nurse Johanna was headed towards the Nursing Home, it has been her first day on the job. When she notices something in her rearview mirror. It is thought she pulled over to help someone in a blue four-door sedan on the side of the road. Its blinkers were still flashing, but this time, she saw someone she might have known.

The next day in the same Newspaper there was an Ad which read...Volunteer Nurse Practician wanted for Senior Home Care. Soon a young Practitioner Student Nurse named Beverly Smith would answer the ad.

Senior Head Nurse Suarez would greet her by saying...”There’s always room for one more.”. Welcome, Aboard! Then a Blast!! Dead Silence.



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