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OCEAN VIEW Author Migdalia Torres

Photo by Parker Amstutz on Unsplash

As the party went on that night, the noise was protruding with the loud "Disco Beats" of the night.  The guest at the New Beach House was snotty and unpleasant.  There were "Beer Cans" and "Wine Glasses", everywhere along the sand.

The Ocean View Beach House was becoming a pig sty with all the ruddy noise of the new neighbors.  Spanner wanted to leave but, saw this beautiful silhouette of a lady dressed in a "Black Evening Sequins Dress".  She had taken off her "Red High Heel Shoes", and was walking along the side of the beach. Taking every wave as it splashes against her Olive Skin toes.

Spanner looked on and could see that the ocean waves had covered her "Black Sequins Red Carpet Dress".  Her womanly curves could be visible seen thru her elegant dress. She seemed to have what it would take to become the next, "Top Fashion Model for Sparrows International Modeling/Escort Service".

She is so beautiful...Spanner whispered to himself.  I am going down there to introduce myself to this midnight goddess.  He quickly removed his tie from his neck and removed his Business Attire, along with his Black Shoes.

Why all the formality he thought to himself...I justs sold this Multi-Million Beach House to a wealthy and prominent California Wine Family, now it's time to have a good time and let the fun begins.

As he gazed at her from afar he uttered the words..."God, I wish I knew her".  I mean so much beauty and walking alone in this heavenly starry night, with no one to talk to or confide her troubles too.  She seems to be crying, which caught Spanner's eyes.

I don't know why but there is a reason for everything...I hope she is not contemplating in committing suicide, as he saw she had stopped to look at the white foamy waves that came crashing down onto the rocks and looked like she was walking into deeper waters.

That is when Spanner jumped down the balcony missing every step and onto the sandy beach down below only to rush to her side.

Hello... He grabs her by the arm and pulls her towards him.  I couldn't help but admire such beauty from a distance he quickly told her to get her mind off her troubles.  Can I be your "Knight in Shining Armour tonight?"  It seems to me you need a good company tonight.

She shyly moves away and lowers her vision and continues to walk down the beach without uttering a word, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Spanner catches up to her...I'm sorry, I'm I making you uncomfortable?

No...not at all.  I would like your company tonight.

Spanner pulls out a handkerchief and hands it to her.

Oh...I see...I didn't catch your name?

Are you new here?

Yes...I am new here at Ocean View and living all alone.

Oh...I see... What's your name?

My name is Maria de La Cruz.  Top Model from Brazil for Sparrows International Modeling Escort Service.

Please, to meet you, Ms. Cruz, he takes a deep breath for she was beautiful.

Can I call you by your first name Maria?

Of course, I would like to get to now know your name.

What is your Name?

Oh... My name is Spanner.

That's right...Spanner the Real Estate Broker here in Malibu Beach for the Rich and Famous I have heard so much about you. Please to meet Spanner.

Likewise Ms. Cruz.

Now, Gary and Ashley are watching from afar the two walking alone in the Midnight Moonlight of the beautiful Sandy Beaches of Malibu Beach.  No sooner, then Ashley sees this and rushes down to the beach to confront Spanner.

Ashley was the New Kid in Town at Sparrows International Modeling Escort Service, and she meant trouble to all those who knew her.

Oh, Spanner...You forgot this.

Spanner turns around and see's her, but it's too late.  Ashley throws a glass of  Red Wine in Spanners face.

Take that you two-timing lover boy.

She then takes the Wine Bottle and throws it barely missing the Brazilian Model.

You cheap lying whore, why don't you go back to your Country?

Ashley then turns around and slaps Spanner across the face.

Who the hell do you think you are?

Trying to sell a property to a ho like this one from Brazil.  I don't want her to be my neighbor.

I don't want her to be my neighbor.

Gary the Bartender heard the fighting from atop of the stairs which lead to the Bar Room.  He looks out the Porthole looking window and see's what is going on down at the beach.

Uh-Oh, Oh No., there's going to be trouble, he muttered to himself.

When he looked again, he saw Ashley storming up the stairs of the new beach home. She was furious, for Spanner had just sold them this house.  She felt he was disrespecting the guest by walking half naked along the beach house with his new friend by the name of Maria De La Cruz, which she didn't like at all and had not invited to her Condo Malibu Home at Ocean View.

Now, Spanner and Maria were both enjoying each others company, it was obvious that Ashley felt she had been jaded in some way.

That is when Gary walked over to  Spanner who seem to be having too much fun at the Beach Party serving drinks and having the talk of the town; with those many conversations that some bartenders have to listen to.

When suddenly it was not long before the Brazilian Model, would come up the sandy stairs and walk toward Gary the Bartender, to have a drink or two and dance the night away with the other guest.

The people at the party began to put in their bets for there would be trouble ahead.  It would just be a matter of time before the fighting would be escalated to another level.

Connie the housekeeper began by adding...Let's take bets on this one. Wanna make a deal?

Wanna make a deal? she winks at Gary.

Here he comes!!

Spanner looked a little pale and blushed as all eyes had set upon him.

"Hey"...Spanner what was that all about?

Gary pours him a Tom Collins one of his favorites.

I guess it's nothing I can't afford...Spanner adds as he checks out the Brazilian Model.

What do you mean my good friend?

Oh, it's nothing at all.  I was just about to offer Maria De La Cruz a night out in my New Yacht and with a couple of drinks in her,  she would soon be mine.



You are such an asshole!!

Isn't that going overboard if you would say so...Gary began cleaning the shot glasses nervously.

Spanner begins to laugh...I asked her how much did it cost to have the pleasure night out with a babe like her...that is what all the fuss was about down on the beach. She wanted to kill herself.

Who did you ask?? 

Do you know who she really is??

Gary suspects, but wouldn't comment on what had just happened prior.

Who do you think??

I mean a Condo Home here in Ocean View and, trying to hook up with an Old Wealthy Wine Selling Rich Mans Mistress.

I just don't get it anymore.  He nods his head.

You would think she would be faithful and happy.  Instead ...Look what she does!!  He looks sternly at Spanner.

You know she was priced at $5,000.00 a night by the nearby Country Club.  Who are you kidding with this Gold Digger!

Are you serious my man?

You are asking for trouble.

He glances around and see's that everyone in the Beach Home is now talking about what had just had to happen.

You are crazy Spanner, just plain crazy.

I heard about you and your "Yacht Parties", and your hot babes hopping and dancing the night away in your boat there, but this time you went overboard.

Do you know whom  Maria is real to be??

What will her plans with you to be??

Spanner looks puzzled and scared.

No... I just sell the houses and really don't bother to mingle with the clients.

Well, my friend...he pours him another Tom Collins...Maria de La Cruz is the Top Selling Model of one of the biggest Wine Dealers in the State of California buddy.  She caught a Big Fish this time.

Spanner gulps down his drink.

She is what??

You keep up this attitude then consider yourself dead if you get on her bad side.

You know how that goes, man.

Why bother with anyone else's filly.

First, take a good long look at your life's worth and then mingle with the right people at the right time.

Don't step on anyone's toes..take it from a good friend that has been there.

Well, it doesn't face me at all.  If I see something I like...I just go for it.

He gulps down his last drop of liquor.

He is not better than me.

No one is better than me.

Spanner is now way over the limit of drinks.

The Bartender begins again...His Top Model is a Hooker from Brazil, and that is all that is to it.

I don't want to hear it.

As for Ashley, she just can't stand me being with another woman. Spanner is trying to backtrack on this one.

He begins to point at the Brazilian Model who winks at him while dancing with another man.

Spanner winks back and blows her a kiss.

Well, man if I were you I get the hell out of town before he gets wind of this and you know he will.

Spanner takes a look and sees's everyone's eyes upon him.  They were also finger pointing him during their conversations as what I had happened tonight at the Multi-Million Dollar Beach Home of a Wealthy Wine Selling Man.

Well, we will just have to see what will happen when Mad - Dog Malcolm comes to pick her up to get back to business in New York City.

Let the Best Man Win Spanner, and keep your fingers crossed. 

Spanner slowly walks away and into his Brand New Bentley and races off into the midnight.

Good Luck Buddy...I wish you all the best.

Then you heard the screeching of the tires and the sound of a car going off the cliff side.

Well, Spanner it's not like I didn't warn you. I'm Mad -Dogs friend.  I couldn't let you do this.  He took a good long look at his 007 Pocket Knife and quietly put it underneath the Bar Room Counter.

The Brazilian Model soon came to join Gary and Ashly.

There will always be room for one more they both said at the same time.  They raised their Wine Glasses up and toasted; looking out and onto Ocean View; as the ball of fire engulfed the mountainside.

Maria de La Cruz and the Bartenders were both in Business now. The very next day a sign went up which read..."Ocean View Condo"; up for sale due to personal reasons.








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