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Cover Letter

Cover Letter

Cyrese Parrish
Student, Criminal Justice
New Jersey City University
2039 John F. Kennedy Blvd.,
Jersey City, New Jersey, 07305

Cover Letter

My name is Cyrese Parrish and I am a student studying Criminal Justice at New Jersey City University, although I am at the midst of wrestling with my decision, as I’ve realized my passion may more so lie within screenwriting and voice acting. In fact that has always been my dream but I had figured that a career in criminal justice would be less risky and more practical. However, if there is anything I’ve learned this semester, it is to not settle for what is “simple.” It's alright to take risks as long as you come up with a long-term plan. It is up to you to take the initiative.

Something I think that should be addressed about as a writing topic is the major film industry that is Hollywood, California. I feel especially intrigued with this topic because I’ve grown up loving cinema of all types, although I was particularly fond of animation. But I must say that with a heavy heart, Hollywood is far from being a workforce composed with saints. Now, keep in mind, no industry is perfect but Hollywood is corrupted even beyond the standards of other industries. From the way executives treat the creative teams involved in projects to how child actors are forced to live by nigh-impossible quotas and are abused nearly daily, there is so much hidden info underneath Hollywood’s red carpet that needs to be uncovered. I want others to be aware of what truly goes on behind-the-scenes so consumers can make better conscious choices in choosing what studios and entertainment should be better supported. I love filmmaking as an art form and that art form isn’t just exclusive to Hollywood. I want for others to understand this. It is about time the industry gets exposed for all it has done over the years.

As I’ve progressed through this semester in English Composition, I was able to identify what my writing strengths are, as well as my writing weaknesses. I believe my greatest strength in writing is the ability to understand the audience, which will take one far. If you are not able to connect with your audience, you lose their investment. You have to convenience the audience on why they should be in the first place. I have also adapted using relevant context to add to the topic that I’m discussing. It leads me to write at a smoother flow when it comes to adding backbone into my ideas instead of pointlessly scrambling like a headless chicken looking for context to support my claims. I am good at making sure my ideas are expressed clearly in order to make sure the information necessary is given to the reader.

As for my writing weaknesses, my biggest weakness is that I have a tendency to go off on certain tangents that are, yes, connected with the topic I am trying to discuss but it still comes off as an off-putting, jumbled mess. My mind tends to get overwhelmed with ideas and I would try to cram in as much detail as possible, ignoring how smooth the writing should be. Writing, after all, is a passion of mine but I tap into it a bit much for my own good sometimes. Because of this, it is hard to follow the main topic I might be writing about at times. And finally, I tend to have a few verbal tics in my writing, leading me to repeat some phrases or certain words at too frequent of a rate. I feel as though some of these flaws, while not going away entirely, have certainly faded progressively between the time I started my semester and now. I continue to work on these flaws to keep them under management and I hope my progress shines through with my portfolio today. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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