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Political Fact Check Essay

    2020 has been a rather eventful year to put it lightly. Between facing issues involving the pandemic and its impact on the world and the rising political tension growing increasingly heavy as we inch towards Election Day, we are veering further into crisis everyday with a widening divide among us. Election Day is the one day we make an impactful choice that can upstart an everlasting effect on our country. We must make sure that we make the most suitable decision and feel comfortable with who we choose to lead our country in the next four years. Today, I will be taking one questionable claim that has come from the election about one candidate and deconstruct said claim to figure out the true merits behind it.

The claim that I want to focus on is Mr. Joe Biden’s allegided goal on defunding charter schools. On paper, this approach is something I personally wholeheartedly disagree with. I am a rabid supporter of everything having to do with education and all its forms. I feel as though every form of education should be accessible to our youth, regardless of social class. Taking that away or at least limiting the amount of ways education can be attained is doing a disservice to not just our current generation but future generations down the road. That being said, I want to dig into why Biden is making that decision or if he is even planning on defunding charter schools to begin with.

The claim that Biden wants to eradicate charter schools nationwide had originated from the current U.S. President, Donald Trump, back in 2017. If you’ve been watching any source of news throughout the last four years, chances are you heard of this figure. Trump claims that Biden “wants to end school choice, no school choice, and abolish charter schools.”( According to the article, however, Trump had actually twisted the words of Biden. Biden himself appears to have a radically different mindset on the topic as this Washington Post points out: “Charter schools were originally intended to be publicly funded schools with increased flexibility in program design and operations. Democrats believe that education is a public good and should not be saddled with a private profit motive, which is why we will ban for-profit private charter businesses from receiving federal funding. And we recognize the need for more stringent guardrails to ensure charter schools are good stewards of federal education funds. We support measures to increase accountability for charter schools, including by requiring all charter schools to meet the same standards of transparency as traditional public schools, including with regard to civil rights protections, racial equity, admissions practices, disciplinary procedures, and school finances. We will call for conditioning federal funding for new, expanded charter schools or for charter school renewals on a district’s review of whether the charter will systematically underserve the neediest students.”( Biden doesn’t actually come off as being in the position of “anti-charter schools” but rather not wanting certain charter schools to prey off the incomes of less advantaged families desperate to gain education from most institutionalized organizations. Trump seems to have been creating the narrative that Biden is against charter schools although no actual evidence has proven this to be true. Admittedly, Biden himself doesn’t seem to touch upon the issue much, which only further enables Trump to continue pushing said narrative, as quoted here: “The president's claim is not true, and Trump has not been a reliable charter school ally himself. But Biden isn’t making a big show of countering that accusation or bear hugging the charter community either, after support for the schools took a beating during the Democratic presidential primary.” ( This is specifically added here to convey the idea of how ruthless politicians can be when they are in an opposing position. Trump was able to successfully warp the stance that Biden takes on education to the world and create his own vendetta that paints Biden in a less favorable light in terms of education, which has gotten worse because Biden has kept his own guard down when dealing with matters pertaining to charter school education.

As we conclude here, we come to find that our perception was not at all what we had made out to be in terms of how Biden feels about charter schools. There is no indication that he actually wants to get rid of charters schools but rather that he seems to be aiming more at defunding charter schools that go against the purpose they were inaugurated for in the first place: To provide families of lower financial class education for their youth, a goal that has been transformed into something completely different thanks to manipulation and public perspective. Since then, it has been revealed that as of right now, Candidate Biden has won the election, although there have been rumors of vote fraud occurring nationwide, none of these rumors having palpable evidence as of yet. But these rumors are delaying Biden’s inauguration as Trump has been reported to refuse leaving the white house, stating, “There is NO WAY (ZERO!) that Mail-In Ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent. Mail boxes will be robbed, ballots will be forged & even illegally printed out & fraudulently signed … This will be a Rigged Election. No way!”( We have yet to know what further action might be taken. But I advise you, reader, to take it upon yourself and go fact searching of your own because regardless of which candidate you have already chosen, you should feel confident enough to stick by your choice. This may also help you gain better analyzation skills when deciding on a future candidate another four years from now.


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