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What I am Interested in Writing About and How to Improve My Writing

What I am Interested in Writing About and How to Improve My Writing

My name is Cyrese Parrish and I am a freshman at NJCU taking English Composition Year 1. In my free time, I enjoy learning about the film making process, particularly the field of animation. I've always believed animation wasn't a genre but rather a visual medium that can encapsulate many different genres (e.g., fantasy, western, horror, comedy, etc.). I also enjoy writing and (attempting to do) voice imitation during my free time. More generally, I enjoy sightseeing and trying as many different things as possible in terms of delving into various cultures. I whole-heatedly believe in the motto that you must "live life to the fullest." I arrived at NJCU after my term in the U.S. Air Force, where I realized that I wanted to attend college and then return to the military, this time as a commissioned officer.

The topic I personally want to explore in my writing this semester is the role mainstream media plays in the seemingly everlasting war of race and gender ideologies, particularly focusing on the corporate side of Hollywood. I'm especially interested in digging deeper into how Hollywood tends to try to save face in front of the general public when Corporate Hollywood really causes more division in the already precarious society in which we live. One research question I am interested in asking is: “are prominent figures in mainstream media really the allies they claim themselves to be or are they secretly looking out only for their own interests?” I tend to believe the latter.

As someone who aspires to be a professional screenwriter, I am constantly trying to find different writing styles to experiment with in order to become more versatile with my writing. I generally seek new ways to improve upon my writing and I am able to recognize that there is always room to grow with writing, which is why it never really gets boring to me. One of the ways I need to improve my writing is to make sure I am paying close attention to my grammar, particularly when I am typing out a paragraph. I am not always the most coordinated when it comes to typing and I tend to type too fast for my own good, leaving noticeable grammatical errors that I still somehow tend to overlook. The computer isn't always going to auto-correct your errors so it is up to the writer to pay attention to what they are typing.

In addition, I like to spice up my vocabulary because I try not to rely on generic sounding language, so it has made me develop a bit of a consciousness towards using the same volcabulary, which has been mostly helpful. But there are times where my "obsession", so to speak, has been more detrimental than helpful, particulary if I don't realize I'm not using the right context when I am using a certain word or phrase. Then, you also have the issue of not entirely knowing a word or even how it is spelled yet you still want to show off, so you decide to utilize the word anyway, only to find out it is completely butchered in either the way it is being used or by judging from the spelling, which ties right into grammar. I need to make sure that I use volcabulary in a more controlled, suitable way and actually know what words I'm using. If I don't know what I'm talking about, how can I expect my audience to do the same?

This is a general overview of who I am as a scholar and what topic I would particularly be interested in writing about. I'm happy to go into more detail as the semester unfolds. It has been a pleasure meeting you during our class today and I am looking forward to our other scheduled classes to come. 


Cyrese Parrish

Student and Aspiring Screenwriter

New Jersey City University




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