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My name is Christopher Kampe. I am a PhD student in the Communication Rhetoric and Digital Media program of North Carolina State University. I am interested in video games: interfaces and how they affect our engagements with simulated environments, the educational use of simulations to convey complex interactions (climate change, human conversation, etc.), and I am interested how games (specifically game design) affect the way we see the world.

At the 2013 HASTAC conference in Toronto, I presented a Kinect based installation with a colleague of mine. Since then I have been working with my father (Mark Kampe) to produce a more modular and user friendly version of the same program – in the general hopes of creating a toolset that can be used by artists, designers & educators. When it is done, user movements will be able to trigger complex, contingent events – allowing for simpler versions of interactive fiction narratives.  I am looking for collaborators, either folks who would be interested in expanding on the project or using the code to create an installation – art, museum, etc. 


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