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Attending New Media in American Literary History? Let's grab coffee/ice cream/ something delicious!

Hey all,

      My name is Colleen Tripp, and I am a new Haystack scholar. Like many of of you, I wear many disciplinary hats! I have a BA in English from Cal Poly SLO, an MA in Literature from UC Santa Cruz, and an MA in American Studies from Brown University. I am currently a doctoral candidate in American Studies at Brown University. 

My experiences in digital humanities stem mostly from my work in digitization and encoding. I have worked for two NEH-funded organizations in the humanities: I have encoded 18th and 19th century texts for the Women Writer's Project, and I have used OCR software (ABBY) and XML editors (Oxygen) to digtize magazines for the Modernist Journal's Project.

Will any one of you be attending the New Media in American Literary History conference this December? I am actually presenting work for the Modernist Journals Project  there, and I'd love to connect with any of you! We can grab anything that's OMGD (oh my goodness delicious). For me, that's just about anything!


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