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C&W Saturday: Presentation Success

Had a great day at the C&W conference today.  Bump Halbritter, Steve Lessner, and I presented in the morning to a packed house.  I was grateful for a receptive and attentive audience.  Bump talked about microphone basics, and how mics are coming to be part of what we writing teachers have to know something about.  I also was stoked to see the infamous "Andrea Lunsford's pearls" video footage, which Bump refers to a lot in class and in writing.  The footage is an interview with Andrea Lunsford in which her pearls continaully clank against the lavalier mic, ruining the audio and thus the entire video clip.  A great lesson in knowing about your mic and how it works! 

I talked after Bump about the ways students talk about the music they use in multimedia environments, using one former student, Kaitlyn Patterson, as an example.  I presented my video "Writing with Sound" during the presentation, as well.  If you missed it, you can view the video in the latest issue of Currents in Electronic Literacy - click here!  Overall, I felt my ideas were well received and that I got dialogue going about the topic, so--SUCCESS! 

Steve rounded out our panel by talking about ways popular music can be used in a writing class to get students motivated and inspired.  He showed one really cool student video that used multiple pieces of popular music as part of the narration.  Nice. 

Kate Hayles's stimulating talk rounded out my day.  She pulled from neuroscience research to talk about how reading and writing practices are changing with technologies, and that this means we need to change the way we do things in the humanities and in English departments.  I couldn't agree more! 

Last day of the conference tomorrow.  Looking forward to some final panels, the last town hall, and seeing people off. 


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