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GRN @ C&W 2011

I attended the Graduate Research Network (GRN) at the Computers and Writing 2011 conference today.  I was impressed with the openness and willingness to help and give useful advice of all who attended- so thanks all!

In the morning, I particpated in a discussion with Dickie Selfe, Doug Walls, Roger Austin, and Leslie Bradshaw about our work.  I got some good feedback about my recent work on new media assessment in the writing classroom from my table - thanks guys. 

Leslie talked with us about the subjectivities and digital selves writers compose through online fanfic environments (yay Twilight!) and through learning management systems like Moodle.  And Roger brought up the point that many of the students he works with at the writing center at UM Flint need and want more tech support, but that this isn't often seen as part of "writing" or the job of writing tutors- and maybe it should be. 

In the afternoon, I talked with Janice Walker, Keith Dorwick, and Patrick Berry (plus many other grad. students as well) about the academic job market and getting your foot in the door with publishing.  We had an interesting conversation about the merits of online vs. print journals, and the benefits and limitations of publishing a single authored piece or a collaborative piece. 

All in all, a useful day.  Plus I won a free itunes card, a beautiful journal, and drank lots of coffee!  Looking forward to sessions tomorrow, and my presentation on Saturday morning with Bump Halbritter and Steve Lessner. 


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