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Obermann Center Graduate Institute on Engagement and the Academy: Preview

The Obermann Center for Advanced Study is The University of Iowa’s hub for a range of contemporary practices in the humanities, with an emphasis on DH and publicly engaged scholarship, including an annual sponsorship of HASTAC Scholars. (This year’s are Audrey, Craig, and Yvonne). The Obermann also tackles more specific subject areas, and in the past they have facilitated projects and symposia that have focused on sound studies, sustainability, and animal studies, to name a few.

My HASTAC Scholarship was independent of the Obermann, but I was lucky enough to recently be chosen for their annual Graduate Institute on Engagement and the Academy, which runs from Monday through Friday of next week. Each scholar was asked to propose a project, and mine was a one-day symposium that will focus on the relationship between sound and nature. Ideally, it will have some papers, some roundtable discussions, some musical performances, some soundwalks and even a recording component. It’s in the very early planning stages, but save the date: Friday, April 5. However, since the time of my application and today, I’ve also started developing a CBOX project devoted to sound studies and nature recordings. I’ll likely be asking the HASTAC community for their comments on both of these projects in the coming months as they develop.

In the meantime, though, I’ll be posting my thoughts on the Obermann Institute throughout the week. It’s a pretty intensive schedule—9 to 5 each day with responses due in the evenings—but the amount of material that I’ll be generating anyway should translate pretty easily to blog updates. Watch this space for more!


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