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Rock the Vote

Rock the Vote

Happy Election Day, everyone!


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This is hilarious.  Thanks for posting it.  I especially like the idea of rewinding the tape over and over again while driving slowly through neighborhoods.  This is how Al Gore rocked the vote before he invented the Internet!  And, by the way, some of HASTAC's original leaders were there in April 1993 when the Mosaic 1.0 browser was made commercially available for the first time and they all say it could not and would not have happened if Al hadn't understood and made it happen. The Web would and could have been regulated centrally from the start--which would not have been a World Wide Web, actually, but an online broadcast system--if VP Gore hadn't understood.   He was mocked brutally for saying he "invented the Internet" and that is a bad locution, but his policy role made all the difference, according to the people who really did "invent the Internet."   The Web is as much policy as it is code.  Both. 


Finally, as a Twitter pal just reminded me, Al Gore himself never claimed to "invent the Internet" but claimed to do exactly what he did do, facilitate the policy that allowed the World Wide Web to flourish:  


So, rewind the tape, let it roll, 12 mph.  And enjoy!  Thanks for posting this.  It really made me smile.