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A brief introduction & hello

Hi everyone! 

This is my second year in the HASTAC program and I'm excited to be part of this community once again!  I'm currently a second year PhD student in the American Studies program at Yale.  Most broadly, my research examines Asian and Asian American intellectuals who advocated for Pan-Asianism in the early 20th century. In particular, this project focuses on activists, writers, and artists alongside academics and public intellectuals, all of whom articulated subaltern resistance against the perceived hegemony of the West.  Through a more expansive definition of intellectual production, my research also examines the lecture circuits, publications, institutions, and universities linked to these intellectual networks.

In addition to my doctoral work in American Studies, I'm also concurrently pursuing the concentration in Public Humanities.  As part of my Public Humanities work, I'm currently curating an exhibition on the collection of archival materials on Japanese American internment at Yale.  Last year my Public Humanities class put together this collaborative mapping project on food trucks in New Haven:

For my HASTAC involvement this year, I am hoping to learn more about digital exhibitions (applications, software, etc).  More generally, I'm also keen to participate in discussions surrounding digital archives, exhibitions, GIS and other mapping/visualization tools.  I look forward to working with you all!



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