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Plagiarism and Technology


I am beginning my second semester as a teaching assistant and, of course, I have run into a number of issues related to academic misconduct in the past. Actually, I should specify that I have had suspicions of misconduct as I haven’t actually had anyone plagiarize yet. Going forward, for this semester, I would like to know what resources are available for confirming said suspicions and how to deal with it. This is such a disheartening task to have to pursue and I am hoping that technology may be able to alleviate some of the burden.

I have heard that some educators fight fire with fire, so to speak, by accepting papers and such, electronically so that suspicious sentences or paragraphs could be copied and pasted into a search engine. Is this a myth? Are there better methods (software, gadgets, etc)?

And, of course, how do you broach such a subject with the student. Anyone mind sharing a personal experience?


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I can understand the disappointment. The most widely used plagiarism technology is Turnitin. Do you know if your institution has it? You might want to check as it is a lifesaver for instructors.