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THATCamp Digital Pedagogy Austin, TX!

THATCamp Digital Pedagogy Austin, TX!

We are excited about hosting THATCamp Digital Pedagogy in Austin on January 5-6, just before making a smooth transition to MLA 2016 Convention in the city. The idea of organizing a THATCamp was first formed in my mind over a year ago when I had started to get more and more involved in digital humanities and joining new circles and platforms where digital scholarship and pedagogy discussions were vigorously taking place. I found the nature of the (un)conference quite liberating and well designed for the collaborative nature of digital humanities. Having that type of conversation at the University of Texas at Austin seemed to be a idea. Opening of the Learning Commons was also very timely to have the camp in these well-equipped, spacious rooms.

Consisting of a dynamic group of people from various higher education institutions in and around Austin, our planning committee has been very excited about the camp since day one. We have received an impressively wide range of registrants so far. It looks like THATCamp Digital Pedagogy in Austin will bring a highly diverse crowd together and generate productive conversations on digital pedagogy in the vibrant city of Austin. Reading the application notes of such a group of scholars and students, I have realized how much we, as scholar teachers, librarians, archivists, are in search of new methods to learn and ways of conveying our knowledge to others in the most effective at a time when the 21st century literacies are changing the nature of pedagogy and scholarship.

We have started posting workshop proposals on our website. I hope you join the conversation in Austin. You can still register for free! 



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