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Hello Scholars,

My name is Fatma and I am a Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Literature at University of Texas at Austin. I am very happy to join HASTAC Scholars for the first time this year and looking forward to meeting with you all virtually or maybe in person at HASTAC 2015 Conference and engaging in a productive year of scholarly explorations that will come out of this program.

My research interests include comparative and world literature, cosmopolitanism, transnationalism, digital humanities, digital literacy and writing. I am currently completing my dissertation Literary Neo-Ottomanism: The Emergence of a Cosmopolitan Turkey on the World Stage, which complicates existing scholarship both on Turkish literature and on the representation of non-Western literatures neither created nor defined by a (post)colonial perspective. It challenges what the category of “world literary text” itself might entail by developing the concept of “literary neo-Ottomanism.”

I am excited about collaborating with other scholars in exploring innovative ways of teaching and new ways of thinking about humanities. Although I am new to digital humanities and have very recently started learning coding, Being interested in the intersections between technology and the humanities, I also consider its potential downsides and how to prevent them. One of the issues that I would like to explore includes new research methods in digital platforms. Additionally, I am particularly looking forward to engaging with other scholars, who are interested in student-centered, active teaching and exploring new methodological approaches to teaching. I would like to work on creating ways to excel teaching literature and writing with technology in interdisciplinary classrooms where we can effectively engage students from various fields by offering them alternative ways of participation, which they can relate to their fields of study. I also hope to contribute with such innovative methods of teaching. As I believe ever teacher is also a learner, I am very excited to learn from this dynamic community throughout the year.




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