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Declaration of Sentiments*/Gün (An experiment in self-publishing)


Declaration of Sentiments*/Gün is a project in progress for ISEA2011 in Instanbul, Turkey. Turkish American artist Arzu Ozkal and I are collaborating with a number of Turkish based women artists and culture movers in Instanbul to produce the first phase of the project: a limited edition book in Turkish and English that documents the first gathering meant to be a platform for the promotion of new media culture happening in Turkey.  The second phase of the project will be a networked online book that will serve as a virtual gathering between the women in Turkey and Turkish women working in related fields in Europe and the United States. We are using Kickstarter, a crowdsourcing tool for artists as one of our sources to finance the costs of production. Please see a description of the project on Kickstarter and pass along the link below to all your art lover fans and friends, and anyone that you can think of who could be potential donors




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