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Facebook and Sympathy

A few weeks ago, one of my good friends died. It has been hard for all of the people that loved him. However, we were able to use Facebook to comfort and support each other through personal and wall messages. My friend's parents were also able to share information about the funeral with people who attend many different colleges in multiple states. Death also helped many childhood friends realize how important it is to keep in touch, and friend requests were sent to begin that process. For others, it allowed people my frind knew to meet each other and begin relationships. Facebook also allowed the people who cared for my friend to say a last goodbye. His Facebook page was still available, so people could share their feelings and memories on his wall or even send him a personal message for a private way of grieving. Facebook is an important tool for my generation during the grieving process. It is the place where we can express ourselves and help our friends and family.  


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