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I recently read an article at about how police and law enforcement agencies are using texting technology to help fight crime. This communication system allows people to anonymously provide tips and information about crimes or criminals. I thought it was interesting because it shows that people are willing to bring felons to justice as long as their identity remains a mystery. I guess I would like to learn more about the difference between anonymous phone tip hotlines, such as Crimestoppers in Cincinnati and texting. Do people prefer to text because it allows them to remain distanced from the police agencies? Is it simply due to the fact that texting has become the common form of sending messages? I will be interested to see how texting and digital humnities influence the strategies of crime-fighting organizations as new technolgies are developed, as well as research into the uses of technology as law enforcement tools.


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I could see people using this anonymous texting in order to avoid the accountability that comes with talking to other people.  If you were to call, even anonymously, the police could still ask you questions and try and get more information out of you.  As for texting in tips, you send in your tip and thats the end of that.  I think that, in addition to your idea of how we use texting today, account for the greater use of texting tips.