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"Confidence in TV News Hits New Low"

This article, entitled "Gallup Poll Finds Confidence in TV has hit a new low," seems compelling to me for several reasons. The first is that our current attitudes towards television are not isolated, but reflect increasing uses of digital and internet-related technologies. We see television's address and protocols in comparison to the other media technologies we commonly use -- and television's capacity to transmit information accurately are limited in ways digital technologies are not.

My second thought here is that television news is no longer the only or preferred way that Americans get their news. Not only do we seem, currently, to prefer entertainment-based information, but the news' forays into entertainment (news-based entertainment) have been disastrous. Critics of entertainment news only see this production trend as evidence of the news' downfall, while audiences who prefer entertainment news see this trend as a staid and silly attempt at gaining ratings and delivering audiences to advertisers. For TV news, this is a lose/lose. 

Third, and finally, increasing conservatism at Fox News, as well as the political docility and corporatization of media industries in general have caused considerable discontent. There are many books on this topic in particular, as a polarized and out-of-touch political elite have largely expanded executive power and done little to relieve economic strain since 2000 have existed alongside news strategies like 'news-you-can-use,' sound bites, talking points, misinformation and a nearly total lack of in-depth discussion. As this disparity has surfaced, online news sources have surely increased awareness of the perspectives that television news cannot provide in real-time, but also the lack of journalistic integrity that has eroded the broadcast news industry, subject to corporate imperatives, political pandering, and advertising demands, rather than professional standards.




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