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My First HASTAC Blog Entry!

First of all, I have to say that I am much more of a reader, browser, and all together non-committal person than I am a blogger. Content is scary. I write all the time, but the editing process typically washes out any latent fears I may harbor about having my ideas picked over. As a long-time graduate student, writing something to post immediately is considerably out of my comfort zone.

But I also know that participating, rather than merely observing, provides a different kind of learning experience, and HASTAC blogging will be an excellent way for me to make academic contacts who share my interests in comedy, digital cultures and practices, identity politics (race, class, gender, LGBT), and current events. My current work focuses on digital satire in contemporary political contexts -- particularly the kinds of civic engagement and argumentative frameworks digital environments and their users foster. I enjoy seeing how comedy is used in digital contexts and among new media users. I believe that digital technologies (although somewhat limited by corporate interests) provide a complex mechanism for communication that enlivens various rhetorical traditions. My approach to these topics emphasizes issues of production, political/cultural spheres of influence, rhetorical techniques, utilizing genre, performance, and media studies. I would love to hear from anyone sharing these interests or approaches.



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