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Research on Art Historians – Call for Interview Participants

I am currently looking for academics or other researchers in Art History as well as PhD students in the field to participate in the interviewing process of my PhD project ‘Personal research collections: examining research practices and user needs in art historical research’. This project is conducted at the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities in London, UK.

My research focuses on how art historians gather and organise information for research purposes in the digital age and how new technologies have impacted on their practices. The results of this research would be useful for evaluating existing resources in the field or designing new digital resources that would be best suited to the needs of researchers in art history.

Interviews take approx. 45min.-1h. each and are conducted either face to face or online. All data will be anonymised since my project complies with the Data Protection Act.

If you are interested in participating, please contact me at Christina Kamposiori,


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