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Hello, World! It's Me, Edmond Chang!

Time has flown.  Sometimes I think that some outside chronomancer is purposefully speeding up (and sometimes slowing down) the time-space continuum for me out of some sick sense of humor.  But, here it is, weeks after the welcomining of this year's HASTAC Scholars cohort (much less the new academic school year for many), and I am just getting down to my first post.  Bit by bit, day by day, week by week, making this post happen has slowly crept up my "to do" list.  And, ta da, it is here at last.  Of course, I do have a very, very good excuse: the dog named dissertation ate my homework.

I have spent the last year, mainly, with an impressive (I surprised my doctoral committee and even myself) push this past summer, finishing my dissertation.  Drafted, revised, and now, thank gods almighty, done at last.  So, suffice it say, I've been a little preoccupied.  And, in a couple more weeks, I will be defending said dissertation, finalizing formatting and revisions, and submitting it to the university.  Then, as I promised myself many years ago, I am going to get a PhD-inspired tattoo. 

But on to the introduction: I am a finishing graduate student in English at the University of Washington.  My dissertation is entitled "Technoqueer: Re/Con/Figuring Posthuman Narratives" and looks at the mediation and co-constitution of race, gender, and sexuality by and with technology, from real world body hacking practices to imagined technologies in video games and cyberpunk fiction.  I have been a HASTAC Scholar for several years--this is my fourth--and I have been fortunate to be able to meet, talk with, and share ideas about 20/21C American Literature, technoculture, gender and sexuality, video game studies, and teaching. 

At the University of Washington, I have been an organizing member of the Critical Gaming Project, which is an ad hoc group of undergraduates, grads, faculty, and community members interested in the critical potential and value of video games.  I am also an organizer of the Keywords for Video Game Studies graduate interest group, which in previous years have all been nominated as Scholars and which is supported by the Simpson Center for the Humanities.  Most recently, I presented at the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts annual conference (in Milwuakee, WI) this past September, and will be speaking at the upcoming THATCamp Boise State.  (Alas, I do not think I will be making HASTAC VI.  I'm saving my pennies for MLA in Boston.) 

What little time I have left at the end of the day, I spend on applying for jobs, teaching, playing pen-and-paper role-playing games, and hanging out with friends.  I look forward to the opportunities and changes this coming year.  And I look forward to the conversations, collaborations, and intersections with HASTAC and fellow Scholars this coming year as well. 

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