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Any Scholars Attending THATCamp Games?

Any other Scholars headed to THATCamp Games at the University of Maryland (my alma mater) next week?  We should meet up, have a drink, talk games.  I will be running a video game pedagogy bootcamp with a fellow Scholar:

Session Title: Teaching (with) Video Games


Description: Central to this workshop is a definition and demonstration of video game pedagogy, specifically the practices of close playing, play logs or “plogs,” and gaming as/for writing.  One of the central challenges in the use of any medium or technology in the classroom is developing critical approaches, different kinds of “literacy,” and careful integration.  It is not enough to assume that students are “digital natives” and always willing to think about or work with video games.  In other words, before we can take video games as serious objects of study, we need to develop ways to frame them, study them, and to seriously play them.


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