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The strawberry grows underneath the nettle,
And wholesome berries thrive and ripen best
Neighbored by fruit of baser quality. 

W. Shakespeare

Henry V 


While the Green Dam(*ed) Youth Escort has hurt hearts and souls of many Chinese youth and businessmen (PC makers, software companies, and content providers, etc.[1]), one of the expelled Adams, Zhang Nei-xian, recently uploaded a trailer of his indie video series watermarked with Beijing Hot, poking fun at his Otaku fellows and the Japanese founding fathers (producers of 1pondo, Tokyo hot, caribbeancom, etc.).

His backfire, namely Hormone (Chinese name: Strawberry 100%), is featured as a mixed parody (or Djinshi, fanworks) of the Japanese Manga/Anime series Strawberry 100% 100% and hardcore pornography subgenres in Tokyo Hot movies (your discretion is advised).

In the beginning of this eye-opening 253-long trailer, a Chinese-speaking Tsukasa Nishino was interviewed in a white bath towel. She was asked with rather personal questions such as sexual experience and intimates color. This session, known as the dirty talk introduction, is a mimic performance of typical warm-up opening in Japanese date rape porn. One could imagine the same girl speaking Japanese in that contaxt. For Chinese netizens who has commented on the video clip, the conversation, with slight Beijing accent, is generally too seductive and rare.

Inspired by Mizuki Kawashitas popular anime series and Haruki Murakamis perfect girl ideal, Zhang and his team did not stop at skimpily adding JAV elements (virtual dating , bloomers , compensated dating ) into this 2011 online TV series. To some extent, he might have tried to cover Chinas virtual chastity belt with some fashionable cute panties borrowed from Japanese neighbors. What hes highlighted is half imagination half exaggeration of Chinese viewership of JAV or Manga that are banned but still accessible in China.  The reception, no matter how illegal its trailer appears and emphasizes, is an instant heat that has surpassed Zhangs virgin webcast movie No Country for Young Man. (See the tag cloud below)




Another thing necessary, is the rooting out from the consciences of men all those opinions which seem to justify, and give pretence of right to rebellious actions; such asopinions (which are gotten by education)if the true doctrine concerning law of nature and properties of a body politic, and the nature of law in general (was) previously set down and taught in the Universities the young men, come thither void of prejudice and whose minds are yet as white paper, would easily receive the same and afterward teach it to the people, both in books and otherwise

Thomas Hobbes, The Elements of Law, Natural and Politic, P 152


When the youth jump out of the wall of Eden to obtain analogy of love from the foreigners, a huge question mark should be dropped on a proliferation of the commercialized education institution and its structural inertia empowered by parallel sectors including public administrations and jurisdictions.

 A native Beijinger, Zhang dropped out from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics as a freshman, looking forward to experiencing the real world. He spoiled himself in this boundless classroom for a year and later got accepted by Communication University of China in 2006. It was in 2005 when I realized a college degree does not necessarily bring you social recognition. Being an intellectual is pathetic. All in all, its a rich mans world. In a Web interview, Zhang explained why he had presented so many dark but raw snapshots in No Country for Young Man. However, for Zhang and his peers, Internet is not a lost & found terminal between the real and the digital. As Larry Lessig acclaimed in his Laws of Cyberspace, virtual remix, like hallucinations and meditations, could be free (affordable and liberating), but the political regimes of its backbone architectures, i.e. the controlling v. emancipating poles in cyberspace, are constantly conflicting over governmentality and legality of real laws and self-proclaimed virtual norms.

Conjectural education from experience may produce prudence that distinguishes the old and the young in Hobbes's laws of nature. But, what if the nature changes? Prof. Davidson gives us her inspiring response to the "hardcore" grading system and how to get rid of its fat tail with A.I. In case of Chinese web sphere, the wired probelm lies in a rather traditional scaling assumption that imposes a sort of uncanny identity politics. This is a system fueled by identifiable victim effects. For instance, Intergenerational gaps are taken granted when social scientists categorize online behaviors of peoples of 70s, 80s, and 90s or simply ageless identifiers like IP address or domain names (CNNIC, Harris Poll OnLine, [2] etc.) Such methods, either designed out of habit or convenience, could have been rather misleading when one is to capture the price, press, as well as demographic discriminations in a perfect power law model of cyberspace[3]. A Japanese teen under 18 could not probably invest as much time and attention as his counterpart in China does because bylaw he or she is restrained to purchase pornographic products in public. Given the relative much higher prices, effective censorship (kind of negative standardization such as mosaic rule), and developed sex industry (complementary goods supply in its membership system) in Japans domestic cultural market, the free riders (almost) in China who consume such exotic porn could have been rather irrational because the lack of information (absence of a normal sex education system) and appropriately priced or classified products (black market of ghost porn sites)[4].

I dont expect independent filmmakers would dramatically brainwash peoples mindset and change their behavior patterns online. not another . It frames idealistic self-identifications and leftover melancholy of the 80s grownups[5].  To bring the underground erotica economy to the real world is an ancient dream of red chamber. The mimicry itself would make a scene when time comes.

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[2] This 2007 sampling collects opinions from young adults over twenty (the age of maturity in Japan), while the national age of consent in Japan is 13 as specified by the Japanese Penal Code Articles 176 and 177.

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