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The Snow Queen Revisited

It sounds totally sane if one thinks the web and its black magic is shadowing over us, if not ostensibly controlling us at all. Sci-fi authors dream about that ultimate matrix, but high school parents and principles hate that never land. The NYT article in Ellens pick draws my attention particularly. Just come back from New Orleanss American Anthropologists Annual assembly (just AAA), I got one take-home question,

Why inquries of serious sociologists and anthropologists became nerdy and obsolete while computer scientists, brain-wave-sensor neurologists and the everyday hacking googlists, wiki litters and funky warcrafters could grab our heart and backup our soul at first sight?!

The question is still too long to be poked fun with, because sometimes this is just all-too-human, Cathy quoted Nietzsche in her HASTAC blog. Hi-tec confuses people. One might be rather depressed when the rainbow wheels jump out on mac. 'why I was not born as a computer?' My boyfriend's theory is ' you can always become one..'

I personally feel very uncomfortable when I see my boyfriend, a CS major, is either obsessively coding his homework or DoTaing with his virtual buddies. Suggesting a healthier diet of ones life online, I made several distractions around his workstation when he was admiring Hatsune Mikus live concert (anime character based 3-D humanizer; virtually nothing about her is real except for her strange popularity among), but no luck, hes totally enchanted by a hi-profile Snow Queen behind that WYSIWYG polished screen, and his major makes a rather legitimate shortcut for his knitting around without any time and space constraints.

I, too, work/wander a lot with my mac, which he teases because 1. mac is not environment-friendly to most classic gaming software; 2. He has not been reading real book for a long time, and he simply put more and more humanity, art, and social science related grants (most notably, Econ) are converted into their tribe.

One day, when I successfully launched a virtual machine to debug leopards singularity on my own, I ordered compliment from him but I got a cold shoulder again.

When I played the virtual machine, you may possibly just begin using Microsoft. He is only one-year older than me, but he takes this kind of digital divide for granted.

Never mind, the brands and capacities of various Virtual Machines also changed a lot in the last ten years. Thats why people still put experimental free and/or open source software to the market. Once they get enough users from the web, they can win grants and develop profitable products. In a sentence, the strategy is providing long-term accessible hooker service----its cheap, small, always updating, and most importantly a lot geeky pals have used it cause wiki says so.

He then told me a tear-jerking story about peoples mourning for their Dogmeat in Fallout 3 in Warcraft.

A virtual puppy could have surpassed Hachikos legacy in the virtual world, because his name Dogmeat and its doomed companionship are gradually materialized and customized toward the outlet of ones fallout.  Thats the so-called embedded intimacy of men and cyborgs.

To be honest, he might be right. Applied engineering and Information archiving used to be taught in second-class professional/technician colleges. Jack Ma, founder alibaba group (similar with internet giants like Amazon in USA and Rakuten in Japan), was graduated from a teachers college. Bill Gates is an old figure, compared with Mark Zuckerbergs learning by doing-while staying at school- model. The notorious Green Dam baby'hosting' plan was dropped out from government agenda may more or less due to its technical 'bugs' and an awkward marketing plan that missed the target.

Were the 2-D Animation artists in Japan to be credited for fetishizing Otakon, Apple for delivering handy phones of all size, servers owned by Google for transcending territories of human communities of all kind, some international/transnational corps like Jacks kingdom are rationalize the internet by capitalize it. It was in the Venices prime age the practices of serious bookkeeping marked peoples potentiality in multitasking. Accounting is the language of business, and coding and filing protocols are also forming the architecture of the web. 

Computer-mediated arts & science may follow the same dynamic disciplinary track while people engaging and interfacing in the hyper-connected cyberspace. Unlike my mom, I would not shut my little brother away from his computer but I do not know if personal performance log notes could ever work for him. It makes sense if a self-starter who sells grocery does not keep serious account of his cash flow on a daily base. What needs troubleshooting is the rational ignorance of uncritical users and excessively empowered designers that crowd out ones ability to think and create, especially when one has too many accounts at hand.



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