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Create a Microsoft Hotmail ( account

Nowadays, online mail service is gaining more popularity due to its tangible advantages that simplify your work and people's connection. Thus, my article on how to Create a Hotmail or account will be useful to your process of receiving outstanding mail services.

Why is a Hotmail or It is undeniably that Microsoft is the most well-known provider in this field. This company has upgraded its services so that it can offer users the best experience. Plus, Hotmail or account provided by Microsoft are favored by so many people. So, let's check out my article for details!

How to create a new Hotmail(Outlook) account - Hotmail Support

You can set up an account on your computer in no time by following these easy-peasy stages.

Step 1: Click on your web browser and access the Outlook Microsoft Website by typing the URL link on the search bar. Afterwards, click the “Create one!” button on the top right corner of the page. 

Step 2: Set up your email address by typing into the text field shown up on the screen.

You have two options of domains: one is and another is offered in the drop-down menu. Just pick your favorite one. 

Step 3: Submit your password. The text field for password is just below the email address one. 

Step 4: Uncheck the “I would like information, tips, and offer about Microsoft products and services” box if you do not want to receive promotional emails from Microsoft.

Or if you are interested in this policy, move to the next stage by clicking the “Next” button.

Step 5: Type your first name and last name into the two separate text fields.

Afterwards, click the “Next” button below the two text fields.

Step 6: Choose your country or region where you are living in. Frequently, this information will be detected and provided by Outlook automatically.

Step 7: Provide you birthdate. What you need to do is click the arrow button, there will be a drop-down menu and then you will choose your date, month, and year easily.

Then, click the “Next” button to move on.

Step 8: Type the verification code into the text field in the middle of the page. There will be a list of both letters and numbers together. You will type it correctly into the text field “Enter the characters you see".

If you cannot recognize it, click the “New” button to get a new code.

Besides, the button “Audio” will let you listen to the code instead of seeing, so just give it a click if you prefer.

Finally, click the “Next” button to finish the procedure.

Tip:  You should set a password that combines both letters and numbers so that you can protect your email easily. Moreover, let’s use the instead of for the domain of your email address because it is more convenient and beneficial.

Instructions On Setting Up A Hotmail/Outlook account On Android

The effortless procedure includes super-simple steps as following:

Step 1: Open the email app, access the menu icon in the top left corner and then tap ”Settings” ->  “Add account” -> “Exchange and Office 365”.

Step 2: Provide your preferred email address and tap “Next” to enter the password.

Step 3: Tap OK if you see Redirect request.

Allow any suggestions for security, sync settings, device permissions and so on by tapping OK or Activate.

Step 4: Open the inbox that has just been created. If you receive a new email with the title "Action Required to Sync Email”, open it and choose “Use another Mail app instead”.

Step 5: Access the notification bar and open the "Unable to sync calendar and contacts" notification then tap “Allow”.

Tip: Apart from an easy-to-remember email address and a complex password, you should follow exactly these steps to take full advantage of this kind of email service, particularly stage 5 in which you allow security policy of the provider.

Instructions On Setting Up A Hotmail/Outlook account On Iphone & Ipad

Step 1: Open Settings, choose Accounts & Passwords and then Add Account.

Step 2: Select

Step 3: Enter your email address and tap next.

Step 4: Submit the password and then tap the “Sign in” button.

Step 5: Tap “Yes” to allow iOS to access your data.

Next, choose the data that you want to be accessed by your iPhone. Then, click “Save”.

Tip: Remember to note down your email address and password or save it to your phone in case you forget them. What is more, let your iPhone access all kinds of information, which will help you make use of this email service effectively.

Community Q&A

Apart from step-by-step guidelines, my article will also answer some of your common queries.

●      Can I have more than one email account?

Of course, you can set up as many emails as you want but making sure that you get your email addresses and relevant passwords stuck in your mind or you can note them down.

People often use different emails for different groups of people such as friends, colleagues or family. It is a highly recommended way to work effectively, avoid spam and secure your data.

●      What if I don't have a phone number?

Well, regardless of owning a phone number or not, you will be able to create a Hotmail/ Outlook. account by setting your email as a recovery option.

●      Why am I getting instead of

In fact, is an updated version of In other words, lets you make use of the more modern interface and enhanced features compared to

Conveniently, Microsoft allows existing Hotmail users to take advantage of while still maintaining all the data of email address.

That’s why you had better using than so that you can gain more benefits.

●      Why is it saying "This email is part of a reserved domain. Please enter a different email address"?

A reserved domain name refers to the one that is already picked, so you cannot register with it. If you find yourself in this case, you may select another email and try again.


These straightforward processes of creating a Hotmail/ account will help you save more time to experience excellent features of the service. Moreover, it also assists you in understanding and resolving the main problems that usually happen during the process.

Therefore, let’s save my article on how to Create a Hotmail or account so that you can consult them whenever you want!


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