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AIS 2009 Saturday Update

It was another great day at the AIS conference today, with number of more panels co-sponsored by HASTAC.  Which is not to mention all of the other excellent presentations on interdisciplinary approaches and the resulting discussions both at panels and in between, in the halls and at meals.  Yesterday I saw the HASTAC co-sponsored panel "Documentary Film in Practice," with presentations by Catherine Rios of Penn State Harrisburg and Andy Grace and Rachel Morgan of the University of Alabama on best practices of incorporating documentary film projects into course design.  It was one of a number of panels on navigating the challenges of adapting new pedagogical tools in the classroom -- as well as demonstrating the dramatic positive results for intstructors and students alike.  The HASTAC Scholars panel was in the last slot yesterday and we had a good turnout and received thought-provoking and positive feedback on each of our projects.   It was great to share our work with the members of AIS and seeing a sampling of the broad range of research interests of HASTAC Scholars was a treat for me as well.

Last night's dinner featured bbq and music by the The Project, the student band of the Alabama Blues Project, and by Red Mountain -- a foot-stompin' showcase of Alabama's rich musical heritage!

Today's schedule started with guide sessions at breakfast, with tables organized around the key programs and highlights of the agenda of AIS (such as their journal), which demonstrated both the Association's many strengths, as well as the remarkably generous intellectual nature of its members.  This was followed by an event which clearly evinced this uniquely supportive and collaborative aspect of AIS: a forum for emerging scholars, which provided a roundtable for some of the newer scholars at the conference to interact directly with members of the AIS board.  The remarkable range of scholarship and research interests of the orgranization's membership is only matched by the group's intellectual generosity and the supportive atmosphere of the conference.

The conference winds down tomorrow morning, but I know the discussions started here about methodogies about facillitating interdisciplinarity will continue for some time.

A special thanks goes out to Dr. James Hall of the University of Alabama's New College for hosting this year's conference and his kind support of the HASTAC Scholars here.  And thanks are also due to the conference organizers and staff for making this such a rich and rewarding experience for all of us participants.



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