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Scholar Introductory Blog Entry

Scholar Introductory Blog Entry

Hello my name is Crystal Jensen.  I joined the online HASTAC community while attending the 2011 DML Conference in Long Beach.  I am really excited to learn and share with the HASTAC and DML community as a HASTAC Scholar.  Both communities are at the center of all of my key areas of interests, such as digital media, arts, technology, community mobilization, collaboration, and education.  

I am the founder and president of Integrity Technologies, an organization which empowers Native American, Indigenous, and other communities in need with technology utilizing collaborative action research and communities of practice as guiding principals. My Doctor of Learning Technology research and work at Pepperdine University is focused on the core issues in the information and communication technology (ICTs) gap experienced by Native Americans, other national and International Indigenous populations, and communities in need, especially those in rural areas.  My research is conducted through the theoretical lens of collaborative action research, cultural historical activity, and communities of practice.  

I earned my Master of Education (M.Ed) degree with an Educational Technology specialization and teacher credential at California Lutheran University.  I have also coordinated and taught technology in rural and urban, public K-12 schools for the past 10 years. My focus was on connecting and empowering communities with technology with the school setting as a focal point, while utilizing action research as a foundation. 

I currently serve as the founder of the Community Empowerment Resource Center (CERCle) – Pepperdine, president of the Pepperdine student chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM,) and vice-president and grant coordinator of the East Bay Computer Using Educators.  Most recently, I was honored as a 2011-2012 Phi Delta Kappa (PDK) Emerging Leader and a 2011-2012 American Indian Graduate Center (AIGC) Fellow.

I look forward to connecting with and learning from all of you!






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