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katrina/ when the levees broke

I never paid attention to the hurricane threat cause being in the Midwest they are not a hazard. I did however start caring only after I learned that the hurricane was in the gulf coast, where my family was, and the threat became personal. What little coverage I did pay attention to I don?t ever recall hearing about other countries offering their help.
A few summers ago I had the opportunity to visit New Orleans. And only after watching Spike Lee?s When the Levees Broke I was overcome with a depressing nostalgia. I remember the liveliness of the spirit of the city and how it has probably changed post tragedy. My friend goes to Tulane and I had the opportunity to talk to her about how she feels going back. (Ohio State University was one of the colleges to offer their academics to the college students from New Orleans) She described how the city is slowly rebuilding but there are still abandoned businesses. One of the powerful messages I perceived from thus far is that in the depths of this tragedy there will be a source of pleasure in transformation.


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