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How Do You Give Feedback in Engaged, Activist Learning?

How Do You Give Feedback in Engaged, Activist Learning?

Yesterday on Twitter I came across an excellent resource on the best ways to give feedback.  It is compiled by Professor Laura Gibbs, a professor at the University of Oklahoma who has been teaching online since 2002 and using the best, most thoughtful methods for any kind of engaged teaching and learning, whether face to face or online.

Here is the link to her site 

Here's the link to her excellent feedback guide:

This resource explains the importance of feedback and gives you useful, practical methods, exercises, tools, and  examples, including examples of students' own feedback. 

Prof Gibbs writes:  "One way I try to persuade others about power of ungrading is by collecting and sharing my students' eval comments; I work hard on explaining to students why I take an all-feedback-no-grades approach, and their response is super-positive: What Students Say …


You can follow her on Twitter and learn more here: Laura Gibbs‏ @OnlineCrsLady


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